Spewing Negativity Brings Positivity……Wait, That’s Probably Not True

I got thinking today about how people react to me when I’m stressed out or angry about something. I’ve noticed that some people really like to try to calm me down. I think that’s a nice approach. It’s very thoughtful, and it’s probably how I would approach someone else who was freaking out. I would talk them down. Perhaps I would downplay whatever they were worried about, and bring up poverty as a comparison point. Usually people who aren’t impoverished understand that their problems aren’t as serious as poverty, and in a weird way, it can make them feel better. The right thing to do is to let people know that it’s going to be OK.

Maybe I’m different, but that doesn’t work for me AT ALL. Don’t tell me it’s gonna be OK. Tell me that you agree that it’s going to be a complete shit show! It would be more honest, which I personally appreciate, but more importantly, it allows for more bitching and complaining on my part. This is good. I know it doesn’t seem good to most people. A lot of people with the best of intentions will hear me complaining about something, or getting mad about something else, and try to convince me that everything isn’t as bad as it seems. I think they are trying to get me to stop complaining because it’s making them feel uncomfortable. They’re missing the point though. I LOVE complaining. It’s one of my favourite things to do. It’s one of the reasons I write this blog. I feel like if I’m really bitching up a storm, that I’m actually cleansing myself of negative emotions, and am later able to reset to my regular positive self. Seems straight forward right? Not really.

There are people who will go into a downward spiral if you heap too much negativity on them. It’s good to know who these people are. These are the people who need to be told that it’s gonna be OK. If left to their own devices, they may not figure it out. They may wallow in self-pity, and never come out of it. That could be what their normal reset is. That sucks for them, I don’t know how they survive, but I do my best to help them when possible. I like to come up with ridiculous scenarios to make them realize that their problems could be way worse, and hopefully make them laugh.

Here are some examples of what might happen if you came to me with your problems…..

Sad and depressed person – My boss is an asshole and hates me.

Me – Oh that guy?? Don’t worry about that guy, he’s got warts on his anus the size of Tonka trucks man… He’s got foot fungus man, the bottom of his feet look like broccoli…. That guy’s got nose hair like Rapunzel trying to get the prince up for a visit, don’t worry about that guy…. Ask that guy if he wants you to braid his nose hair before the big meeting….

Sad and depressed person – I’m broke all the time, and can’t get a good job.

Me – Don’t worry man, you’re in North America….. There are people starving in Africa dude….. It’s hot there, it’s not hot here…. If a fly lands on your face, do you have the strength to swat it away??? Yes?? Then you don’t have money problems…. Trust me, you just have to stop spending your money on dumb shit….. Buy a big bag of rice, that shit lasts for weeks….. Dude, do you own shoes??? Then you don’t have money problems, don’t worry about it!

Sad and depressed person – Girls don’t like me.

Me – Not with an attitude like that they don’t… Girls don’t like guys, they like confidence… Be a guy with confidence, and girls will like you…..What girls don’t like you anyways??? Nothing wrong with you, there’s something wrong with them!!! You need to change out that cologne. Do you like you?? Learn to like you, and girls will learn to like you! Be more awesome when possible. You’re awesome now, but if you can be more awesome, that will help.

Sad and depressed person – I just have a general feeling of listlessness, and worry that my life is not turning out the way I thought it would.

Me – WHAAAAAATTTTT????? You live INSIDE!!!! You eat COOKED FOOD!!!! You wear CLOTHES!!!! You have a MOTORIZED VEHICLE!!! You have a portable PHONE that is also a friggin COMPUTER!!! We are NOT AT WAR!! You are NOT GETTING SHOT AT!!! Do you know that you are easily in the top 20 percentile of desirable conditions relative to the rest of the world???? Your life isn’t turning out the way you thought it would??? SO???????? Go make it turn out the way you thought it would!!! What’s wrong with you?? Please don’t piss away your opportunities! This is the best possible situation known to man in the history of the universe. I would love to get a naked kid from the third world to slap you in the face right now………Unless you’re clinically depressed of course….. then you might have to go get some meds for that shit.

Yeah, I guess you shouldn’t come to me with your problems after all 🙂

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One response to “Spewing Negativity Brings Positivity……Wait, That’s Probably Not True

  • cat9984

    Goodness – when I rant, I just don’t want someone to tell me it’s gonna get better or point out the other person’s point of view – I’m not sure what I’d do if i got an outpouring like that – probably talk about you to the next person I saw

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