I’m a lover, not a fighter (like Michael Jackson……. but in no other way am I like Michael Jackson), I love sports, my Ipod has almost 15,000 songs (most of which I paid for), I enjoy complaining, I tell long-winded stories (and then back them up in the middle to try to tell the part that I forgot without ruining the ending, and then if I ruin the ending I just keep trying to convince you that it would have been awesome if I told it right), I get into adventures, I don’t neglect my couch, I justify not being successful by being interesting, I love food and beer (not necessarily in that order, but possibly in that order depending on the situation), I’m happily married, and I do not have a problem with run on sentences and verbose additional thoughts and over explanation in parenthesis (and when I say I don’t have a problem with it, I mean I’m cool with it, but if you asked an English Teacher or an Editor, they would say I do have a problem with it, but not that I’m not cool with it, but that it’s a problem).

I hope you enjoy my blog.  I’m aiming for Mondays, but I’m imperfect at best.

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