Unfamous Quotes By Me

I’m super busy tomorrow.  My 18 week Monday blog streak will come to an end 😦  Unless I write one tonight and post it tomorrow.  If I had been doing this for 3 years or so, I could just re-post an old blog hoping you hadn’t read it yet, but I don’t think that’s gonna fly.  So I bring you………Unfamous Quotes By ME!!!!!  I feel that these would be famous quotes if I in fact were famous….. but I’m not….. so they’re not…..so I’m going through the archives to see if I’ve said anything interesting since the inception of social media.  Most of these have been long forgotten by anybody who may have heard them.

I love a great quote.  I’m not the type to ever get the wording right, or to be able to give proper credit to the author.  I think they are valuable learning tools, because when the wording is chosen properly, you can say so much in just one or two sentences.  Some of these are life lessons…… some are just obnoxious ramblings, but I’ve said all of these things in the past, and probably been proud enough to repeat them.  I hope you find them entertaining if not useful.

The Qu0tes…..

“Throwing an Alley Oop to yourself is bad Karma”

“Live vicariously through yourself”

“You aint a vampire dude….. cut your fingernails!!!”

“Brunch without bacon is just Runch”

“We used to have no idea what instant gratification meant, now we’re pissed off when we don’t get it”

“I don’t believe in accidental celebrity deaths.  It’s too lucrative for too many people.  Someone is always behind it”

“The only reason dog is man’s best friend is because they can’t tell we’re assholes”

“Some people have steak and eggs appetite, but cereal ambition”

“Instead of having a ‘Teen Choice Award’, they should have an ‘Adult Who’s Been Around Long Enough To Know Good Music Choice Award'”

“Here’s a horoscope for all of you….. Most of you will spend most of your time doing dumb shit”

That’s it for now.  Maybe someday when I have writers block I’ll find some more!

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