Hello world!!!

Welcome to ‘Thoughts and Rants in Jogging Pants’!!  I have so much explaining to do.  To express my excitement, I’ve already used 5 exclamation marks.  I thought the best way to explain why I’m here, and what I’m doing would be to go through the 5 W’s of this process, but then I decided that I didn’t have the attention span for that, so here are some random bits of information designed to make this the most concise, informative blintrog ever!!

I’m a creative guy who has lots of opinions.  I frequently update Facebook or some other social media outlet with my ‘thoughts and rants’ (actually it’s really just Facebook right now), but I’m far too verbose for their character restrictions.  I can’t summarize what’s in my mind into a couple of neat little sentences.  I ramble.  Most people see my status updates and do the right thing, which is ignore them.  Yet there always seem to be a few people that either like encouraging bad behaviour, or genuinely enjoy hearing what I have to say about the world and/or public transportation.  Based on some positive feedback I’ve taken the next step as a writer, which is to write blogs. (BTW, that may not in fact be one’s next step as a writer, it just happens to be mine.)

A writer???  Really???  Maybe, who knows.  It’s been on my bucket list to write a book.  I haven’t gotten any sort of education to that end or even practiced my craft, so that I’d be good at it when the time came.  I haven’t even done anything to become famous so if I did write a book, people would would buy it.  Those are just details though.  I’m the type of person that has always dreamed of parlaying minimal effort into money success and adoration.  I might be wrong for that, but a guy can dream.  What better time in our world’s history than now to make such a dream come true?  Youtube manufactures anonymous superstars everyday.  Can be far behind?

Here I go again!  Another half assed attempt at a new career.  I will try write a blog every Monday morning before I even change out of my jogging pants (which is what I wear to bed…. sexy I know).  Some weeks I will give you thoughts, and other weeks it will be rants.  You will know how much coffee I’ve had by the cohesiveness of my words.  I apologize if I’m not still doing this 2 months from now.  I tend to distract easily, and if the wind blows in an intriguing new direction I’ve been known to wander over there.

I hope you enjoyed my Blintrog!!  What’s a Blintrog?  It’s an intro blog, dummies!!!  Call Websters, I want credit for that (but not badly enough to call them myself).


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