Vegan Or Vegas? I’ve Made My Choice!!

If you take the word Vegan and replace the n with an s, you are left with the word Vegas. I fully support all Vegans in their endeavors (to do whatever it is they do….be healthy….not kill animals etc), and in no way is this blog meant to poke fun at them. That being said, I love meat, and I love Las Vegas! Some times when I hear the word Vegan in a sentence, it kind of bums me out because it’s food related, but there’s no meat involved. Then when I replace the n with an s, it brightens up my day.

I’m strongly considering writing a Vegas travel blog. I spend enough time trying to convince people to go to Vegas, and I don’t get paid for it. This blog (if I do it) will be a social/finance experiment to see if by writing enough positive reviews, and helping Vegas tourism, I’ll be able to get my Vegas trips paid for. Stay tuned!

I wanted to find the word Vegan used in sentences. Since none of the sentences coming out of my mouth ever have the word Vegan in them, I had to consult other sources. When I googled the word Vegan, I saw a website called I assume if they’ve been around long enough to secure that URL, then they must have some good Vegan content.

On this site I saw a list of cookbooks, and converted the names to suit my own needs. 8 of the top 10 titles had the word Vegan in them.

Would you buy THESE cookbooks????

99 cent Vegas Guide
Betty Goes (to) Vegas
Quick Fix Vegas
Vegas Cooking for Carnivores
Vegas for Life
The 30-Minute(s in) Vegas
Vegas on the Cheap
Vegas Sandwiches Save the Day

The website’s main page has a headline that says ‘Vegas Living Is Easy and Delicious’

After 308 words I’m starting to feel guilty about poking fun at the Vegans. Especially since I referenced somebody’s website without permission, and bastardized some of the content, and will probably tag this post with the word Vegan. So let me balance it out a bit.

I appreciate Vegans because they are more of a ‘Knowledge is Power’ crowd than ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. They see something morally wrong with eating meat or animal products, or perhaps are convinced of certain health benefits that accompany that lifestyle. It’s very honorable in a lot of ways. Everybody probably knows that animals are generally not treated well, but people like myself try not to think about it because the greasy satisfying deliciousness that is meat has got a hold on my desires. I’m uncomfortable dealing with the guilt associated with my choices. So whenever I talk to a Vegan I usually (jokingly) trivialize their lifestyle and talk about bacon, but the truth is I admire their strength and conviction. So I encourage all of the Vegans (aspiring and otherwise) reading this post to go to and to re-read my post and put the ‘n’ back in Vegan.

As for the rest of you…… I encourage you to book a trip to Las Vegas. Keep a watch out for my new Vegas blog, which now that I’m officially announcing, I guess I’ll have to go through with it. This is how I trick myself into doing stuff. By announcing my intentions to the world, so I get shamed into productivity. Oh if only there was an easier way. (For those fans of thoughts and rants in jogging pants, fear not! I will not do a Vegas blog to the exclusion of this, I will do in addition.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash baby shit off a sleeper.

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