Blog Ideas for the Idea-Less

Google is always perfect for sort of almost giving you what you might need in some situations.  Consistently!  All I need today is a proper idea for a blog topic.  I’ve promised not to do a parenting blog, but have done nothing in the past week other than work and parenting, eating and sleeping.  I don’t blog about work as I like to keep that separate.  Oh the blogs I could write about eating and sleeping……. but perhaps not as interesting for everyone else.

So here I was, stuck with no topic, and not really even able to think of one at the last-minute like usual.  So I enlisted the help of the Google search engine, hoping I could find a good Blog Topic.  One link suggested all these different formats like ‘instructional’, ‘inspirational’, and ‘lists’.  Dude!!!  That’s not an idea.  That’s a format!  If I want to write an inspirational blog, I still need to be inspired.  You’ve solved nothing.  Next link…..There were ideas like ‘behavioural disorders’, ‘How to train for a triathlon’, ‘interior design’.  These I’ll admit, are better ideas, but I don’t know about these things.  You need to be an expert to write blogs like that.  I’m not an expert on anything.

I want ideas…. you know…. short-term fixes!!  Something where I can say, ‘oh yeah, I’ll just write about that’.  No research.  No homework.  Just fresh blog post ideas!

Like the following……..

– ‘The Time Jimmy the Martian Stubbed His Toe on the Bike Rack’

– ‘Why Celery has Destroyed the Middle Class’

– ‘How to Avoid Paper Cuts at Your New Job in the Photo Copy Room While Moonlighting Part Time at the Bookstore’

– ‘Reasons Why None of Madonna’s Ex Husbands Will be the Next U.S. President’

– ‘Why I Refuse to Believe that Hot Latinas Hang Out At the YMCA, Contrary to the Information on the Bus Posters’

– ‘Celebrating mediocrity With Gusto’ or…… ‘Celebrating Gusto with mediocrity’

– ‘Sesame Street – The Pre-Elmo Years’

– ‘Crocodile Tears vs. Crocodile Boots’

– ‘Plantar Fasciitis… the Next Plague’

– ‘Cereal Killers on the Loose’

– ‘Surreal Killers on the Loose’

– ‘Serial Killers, Captured and Locked Up’

– ‘How Does Santa Have Time to Visit So Many Friggin Malls?’

– ‘Not Having a Blog Idea is a Great Idea’

– ‘What the Fuck is up With Cottage Cheese???  Aint No Cheese Like That at Any Cottage I’ve Ever Been To’

– ‘Hot Yoga Mats and Why You Should Stop Acting Like One’

– ‘More Baking and Less Blogging – A Baking Blogger’s Family Plea’

– ‘The Rise and Fall of the Bobblehead’

– ‘How Lamar Odom Married a Kardashian and Almost Instantly Became the Shittiest Basketball Player on the Planet’

– ‘My Philanthropy, and Why it Would be the Perfect Name for a White Wine’

– ‘List Blogs, and How You Should Probably End Them Before The Ideas get Really Bad’


To any bloggers reading this.  If you think any of these ideas aren’t completely terrible, you’re welcome to them.





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